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Pizza e Pazzi

Danilo and I met on one hot summer day while in Miami. In love with each other, and in love with good food, our mutual desire to feed our own craving for authentic Italian food was left unsatisfied. This led us to the quest of our lives – our own restaurant – to bring to the world what we had been missing. Pizza e Pazzi – translated for your benefit as “Pizza and the Crazies” (referring to our own propensity for the unlikely), is an authentic Italian trattoria. Our many trips to Italia and its lands, coupled with the insatiable needs of my hungry Roman man have lead me to study the cuisine, through which I developed a great respect for its traditions – traditions that have been lost in translation. Now Pizza e Pazzi is bringing the amore in Italian cuisine back to Toronto.

After years of planning and months of careful analysis of the origins of the pizza, the uncompromising selection of secret ingredients, the premier training in the procedure of pizza preparation, the great journey of one magnificent custom built brick wood burning oven from Naples through seven different countries and the exceedingly large consumption of pizza after pizza, it has all culminated into our little diamond in the rough, in the heart of Toronto –Pizza e Pazzi.












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